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Below is a list of organizations that support the South Jersey Gas Pipeline Reliability Project.

The following municipalities and counties have passed resolutions in support of the South Jersey Gas Pipeline Reliability Project.
Atlantic County
Cape May County
Cumberland County
Estell Manor
Maurice River
Upper Township

“This project is a common sense proposal to enhance reliability and safeguard against the potentially devastating effects if a natural gas outage, all the while avoiding damage to the pristine forest by placing the pipeline under an existing highway.”  – Michael Egenton, Senior Vice President – Government Relations, NJ State Chamber of Commerce

“The New Jersey Energy Coalition supports safe, reliable clean energy, without damaging our environment. The pipeline will create jobs and provide economic activity while achieving what the DEP has sought for many years – the cessation of coal burning at B.L. England – it’s truly a win-win for our region.”  – Bob Marshall, Executive Director, NJ Energy Coalition

“The proposed pipeline provides South Jersey with both electric and natural gas reliability at a crucial time. Simply put, it will allow residents and businesses to have safe and reliable energy.” – Debra P. DiLorenzo, President and CEO, Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey

“The South Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council is in full support of the construction of this pipeline. We have a chance to clean up B.L. England and keep it on line, benefitting the environment, the South Jersey community and the State economy.” – Will Pauls, President of South Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council

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