Supporters of the South Jersey Gas Pipeline

Below is a list of organizations that support the South Jersey Gas Pipeline Reliability Project.

  • Carpenters Local 255
  • Cape May County Chamber of Commerce
  • Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey
  • Greater Atlantic City Chamber
  • IBEW Local 210
  • IBEW Local 351
  • Laborers Local 172
  • New Jersey Alliance for Action
  • New Jersey Energy Coalition
  • New Jersey Farm Bureau
  • New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce
  • Operating Engineers Local 825
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 322
  • South Jersey Building Trades Council
  • Southern New Jersey Development Council
  • Teamsters Local 331

The following municipalities and counties have passed resolutions in support of the South Jersey Gas Pipeline Reliability Project.
Moving Natural Gas pipes

“This project is a common sense proposal to enhance reliability and safeguard against the potentially devastating effects if a natural gas outage, all the while avoiding damage to the pristine forest by placing the pipeline under an existing highway.”  – Michael Egenton, Senior Vice President – Government Relations, NJ State Chamber of Commerce

“The proposed pipeline provides South Jersey with both electric and natural gas reliability at a crucial time. Simply put, it will allow residents and businesses to have safe and reliable energy.” – Debra P. DiLorenzo, President and CEO, Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey

“We fully support the construction of this well-thought out project. Our members will see well-paying, middle class positions created during construction, the people and businesses of Cape May and Atlantic counties will have reliable electric and natural gas service and the environment and region as a whole will benefit once the B.L. England plant is converted from coal to natural gas.” – Kurt Krueger, Business Manager, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 322